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Listener requested!  The wedding is over.  Grandchildren have arrived, but now there is trouble in paradise. 

Your Adult Child is Getting a Divorce. When to bite our tongues? How or when to offer advice? The wedding was such an exciting time and now the heartache begins.   This episode will help you navigate the toughest situations.

Also, we are going to explore narcissism and how to identify this characteristic in your adult children or significant others.

We talk to two therapists in this episode. The first is Alena Scigliano. She is a licensed psychotherapist and an expert in narcissistic abuse. Narcissism also seems to be a trigger for divorce.

We also speak with Ashley Quamme, a marriage and family therapist based in Columbia, Georgia. She specializes in EFT - Emotionally Focused Therapy. We’d like to learn more about that, too.

We explore everything from

  • How your initial response can set the tone
  • How to be supportive but not overbearing
  • How to recognize a narcissistic partner
  • How divorcing a narcissist can impose a new can of worms
  • What about the grandchildren?

And so much more... Even if divorce is not on your radar, we think you will find the discussion interesting and learning about narcissism was a real eye-opener for us!

Thanks so much to Connie Gorant Fisher, our audio engineer.

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