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Today we speak with Tracy Hargen who tells us about her journey to becoming a featured writer on so many topics for the popular website Grown and Flown.
She helps us, with real ideas, for starting conversations with our adult children that are not just about their jobs and relationships, but work to build our relationship with them as adults.

We talk about this article “We Absolutely Made the Right Choice to be Friends with Our Children.” and why this matters so much.  And even if you are starting late she says "Parenting is the ultimate friendship – you will always be bound by DNA to have a relationship but friendship is choice," with many suggestions for getting started.

We talk about her son and his battle with mental health disease and how her family faced this journey.  This article she wrote exploded on Grown and Flown ranking as one of the top downloaded blog posts for the year!  Here is a link to the article. She talks about the picture that is featured with this story.

We also talk about her article, What's Important Now? Now That my Children are Grown, What is My Purpose?  We discuss the questions we need to ask ourselves as we enter into this new stage of life.  There is so much more!  We loved chatting with Tracy and hope you will visit her site and read all of her blog posts - they resonated with us!

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