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Street Interviews with Young Adults and Parents from Around the World!
As the old saying goes, “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.” That is exactly what happened.

Denise's plan to visit Ellen in Prague took a turn when Ellen, then in Boston, tested positive for COVID just a few days before her planned trip to Prague for Denise's arrival.

She thought she might join a few days later if she tested negative, but her mother, who lives in Wisconsin, took a fall and Ellen went to take care of her.  Denise and her husband, Kevin, spent 10 days in Prague in Ellen’s apartment... sadly, without Ellen. The episode we had planned, about Ellen's book, had to be cancelled!

So, today we are sharing street interviews with parents and adult children that Denise conducted in Prague. We interviewed people from Germany, New Zealand, Great Britain, the US and more. We also include some interviews from New York City’s Central Park. 

We learned pretty quickly that some of the struggles parents have with their adult children are global issues. You will have to listen to learn more - it’s a fun episode!

Thank you to Connie Gorant Fisher, who took what we gave her and made the episode quite special and unique.
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