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Joining us today are Nyge Turner and Merk Nguyen, the hosts of the wildly popular podcast - Adult ISH. Produced by YR Media and Radiotopia from PRX, these two young adults have become prominent voices of their generation.

This episode they discuss everything from mental health and work ethic to social media and their relationships with their parents. They also bring a bit of diversity to BITE YOUR TONGUE. Nyge is an African American and I found through some research that he always wanted to be Eddie Murphy.  Merk is Vietnamese, in fact her parents immigrated to the US from Vietnam soon after 1975.

More about our guests:
Angela "Merk" Nguyen, 24, is an LA-based podcast producer who is a self-described "cis sis with a knack for puns and alliterations." She got her start in audio through KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media and can #humblebrag about being on NPR airwaves as a teen. She also aspires to be the next SpongeBob ( really, ask about her voice acting dreams).

Nygel Turner, 24, is an Oakland, California-based creator of Not Your Father’s Podcast and YouTube series Not Your Mama’s Kitchen. Nyge is the only person in Oakland who has never lost an argument. One day we’ll all see him own the red Jeep of his fantasies.

Thanks so much to Connie Gorant Fisher, our audio engineer.

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