Show Notes

Special episode with new guest host:  Connie Fisher.

Connie is usually behind the scenes doing our tech work, but today she joined Denise to talk to  Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo. They are the hosts of the #1 marriage podcasts on Apple podcasts called One Extraordinary Marriage.

Does this sound like you?

  • Are you and your partner out of sync since you are no longer parenting young children?
  • As your empty nest impacted your marriage?
  • Do you wish for the same level of connection and intimacy you once had?
  • Do you need the emotional skills to stay connected with your partner?
  • Do you fear the important things are falling through the cracks?

Then this episode is for you!

Links to other mentions in the podcast:

Thanks so much to Connie Gorant Fisher, our audio engineer.

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