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Have you ever worried that your adult children have no spiritual foundation -- or maybe that their connection to God or a higher power is different from yours?  

How do you handle and respect your adult child's choices, if you are very religious or even if you find spirituality a source of strength and wish this for your child?  How also do you deal with a child that might become very religious when you are agnostic?  ‘

Join this wonderful discussion with the Reverend Elizabeth P. Randall and Galit Pinksy Gottlieb. 

Elizabeth is the Rector at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Denver, ColoradoShe is a graduate of Smith College and Yale Divinity School and  was one of the first clergy in Denver to recognize and perform weddings for the LGBTQ community. She’s been happily married for over 30-years to someone who is Jewish. Together they have one daughter. 

Galit, who practices Conservative Judaism, served as a Synagogue Cantor for many years. She is also an author as well as a mother and the wife of a Jewish scholar. Her children were raised in the Jewish tradition and now are all in long-term relationships with non-Jewish partners.

These two women bring great insight and strength to many parents of adult children who may struggle with their adult children who have no spiritual foundation, or a spiritual following that is very different from their own.  Research tells us that millennials, between the ages of 23 and 39, are likely to say they have no religion.  It is not clear if this is temporary, but mounting evidence is showing that our younger generations may be leaving religion for good.

So many journeys to understand, learn and accept.  We think both Elizabeth and Galit offer support, understanding and some brilliant and thoughtful ideas and approaches.

Galit is also an author of a wonderful mystery book series called the Whipped and Sipped Mysteries.  

Thanks so much to Connie Gorant Fisher, our audio engineer.

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